Essential Energy Foods To Power You Through Your Day

Written by Rob J. Temple

Most lifestyles can be draining at times. With chores to do in and out of the work environment, we often need a boost in energy throughout the day. Unfortunately, a lot of peoples’ focus is taken up with work and leisure related activities, which means they're aren't usually focusing on what foods they can eat to give them a boost in energy.

In today's post, I aim to empower those who prepare their own meals (and possibly others in the household too), with some food options that are rich in energy, that will help them to power through their day. The selections can be used as a part of healthy breakfast meals, lunches, and at dinnertime.

Brown Rice

Brown rice may seem like an odd example, but it works perfectly as a part of your lunch or dinnertime meal. Soaked in manganese, brown rice converts protein and carbs into fuel to energise your body and brain.

Releasing energy slowly yet powerfully, it will help you remain motivated and focused throughout the day. If you're feeling ambitious, you can also mix plain brown rice with yogurt for breakfast!

Brown rice is typically served alongside vegetable dishes. Meals such as this really pack a punch in flavour and energy. Definitely recommended for those who need a booster for a busy day ahead or evening working.

Fresh Fruit

Bananas, oranges, and apples all contain different yet desirable goods that will fuel the mind and body efficiently. For example, bananas contain natural sugars that release healthily throughout the body, a much better solution than artificial sugars that do us harm. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, folate and potassium steadily and effectively release natural sugars that provide us with energy over an extended period of time.

Apples also provide a prolonged release of energy into the body because they're high in fibre and take longer to digest fully. To make the most use of these fruits and to craft a highly nutritious and yummy breakfast, mix them together with the fresh, natural sweetener that is honey!


While salmon is known to reduce cholesterol and the risks of heart disease developing, it also acts as an effective energiser! It contains vitamin B6, proteins, riboflavin and niacin, which all do a great job at converting food into energy to help you focus and concentrate better.

You can combine Salmon with other foods that provide us with energy boosts such as spinach, vegetables or even brown rice.

Wrapping things up…

Through combing the elements and food ideas mentioned today, you can improve your focus, concentration and efficiency levels while studying, working or simply when in need of a boost!

When we’re deeply invested in work or hobbies, we forget to take care of our health. Taking regular breaks, sleeping properly, and eating well all contribute to creating a healthy, happy, and successful lifestyle.

Not only will you feel more energised through eating these foods, but you'll also enjoy the process of learning and achieving more. Give these options a try and introduce them into your regular diet today.

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