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How Taking Action Overrides Depression

Written by Rob J. Temple

Most of my loyal blog followers know that I’m always banging on about taking action. In fact, most people who teach anything self improvement related are pushing the “take action” message and have been doing so for yonks.

There’s a variety of reasons why the “take action” message has remained so popular throughout the years. There’s the obvious, “if you don’t take action you’ll yield no results” perspective, which is 100% true, and then there’s the, “take action and you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t”, again, 100% true…

However, one benefit of taking action that doesn’t get too much attention is that it can seriously reduce feelings of depression and negativity. Try to feel depressed while jumping up and down on a bouncy castle or trampoline, it’s far more difficult than trying to embody negative feelings when sitting at a desk.

When you get busy you activate different parts of your mind and more of the common emotional responses that we usually experience start to shut off, they’re only active when given the “time” or mind space.

Focus creates clarity, purpose, and meaning, which makes it hard for distractive thoughts and emotions to enter into our awareness. How often have you been “lost in your work” or something you enjoy and completely forgotten all your worldly troubles?

This is a commonly shared experience, but I think it’s a real antidote to overcoming negative mind states such as depression. What’s nice about this technique is that you get to do something you love whilst treating your emotional challenges, WITHOUT it feeling like work or counselling.

Given the following options to “feel better” what would you choose?

  1. Go to a counselling session
  2. Read a book self help
  3. Watch a video on self help
  4. Do something active that you love doing

All of the above work to some degree, but option D “Do something active that you love doing” is by far the most appealing. No matter what the task is that you love doing, it’s surely going to make you feel better in a more effective way than the other options?

I personally would advise using a combination of the above, but having option “D” right up high on your priority list for getting an immediate boost in focus, clarity, positivity, and for the removal of negativity.

When you start taking action and fully engross yourself in something you love the depression and negativity is overridden automatically. It’s hard to focus on more than a few things at the same time, and if you fill your mind with things you WANT to focus on, you stand a good chance of “pushing out” the things you don’t want to focus on.

This is in no way suppressing negative emotions, in fact, it’s a therapeutic approach to dealing with depression. It trains the brain and mind to respond to negativity by doing something active to alleviate suffering. It can even train the response of taking actions that are solutions to your emotional problems. Taking action can become a positive habit if utilised often enough.

Wrapping things up…

When you look at the “action takers” mindset it’s pretty tough to find anything negative to say about it. Even if the actions you take lead to bad results, they’re learning curves, which is a positive!

Taking action helps us to move on from depression and negativity by showing us what’s healthier and more enjoyable to focus on in life. It’s almost impossible to feel depressed while doing something you love.

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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