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Using Body Language To Improve Your Mood

Written by Rob J. Temple

We’re forever giving off signals and hints as to how we’re feeling through our body language. Whether you like it or not, you’re a constant feedback machine for everyone around you, telling them your emotions and thought processes.

Don’t let this information embarrass you or cause any regrets, everyone is doing it, but the more you become aware of it, the more you are able to give off powerful messages to others, which will change your relationships, energy levels and results.

From our later teenage years, we’re taught the importance of body posture and language to help us get jobs or places at college/university. Those teachings were accurate, since body language definitely gives “off” vibes to others, however, what we’re not taught is how our body language also effects US!

That’s right, those signals aren’t just flowing outwards, they’re going back into us and causing us to think a certain way, which then creates a mood and atmosphere about us. These could be positive thoughts or negative ones, depending on our body language, posture and stance.

A Test!

Let’s put this idea into action…

Imagine you were feeling negative, depressed about something in your life and that it was really dragging you down. You may feel a slight “slumping” sensation in your body, causing your shoulders to move down. You may also slouch forward, creating a hunchback posture. These movements will be subtle, but over time could become very apparent.

You can see this posture in many people, and it’s usually either:

A) A result of frequent negative thinking throughout their lifetime


B) Their work or lifestyle involves a lot of bending over…

Now I want you to change your posture, despite what your thoughts are throwing at you. It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling glum or “down” in any way, this stance change is going to alter your body chemistry.

Stand up tall, shoulders back and align your back straight. Feet hip width apart and hands on your hips facing backwards. Chin parallel to the floor and a big whopping smile on your face. Be sure to breath deeply.

Do this now and really emphasis all of the points mentioned. Hold this pose for at least 10 seconds.

Now how do you feel?

It’s VERY tough to feel negative or think harmful thoughts when you change your body stance, as you’re tricking both your mind AND body into believing that you’re in a confident, cool, calm and assertive mood.

The body can be used like this an anchor, which is especially effective when nothing else seems to be working for you. This is but one example, there are many ways you can use your body to alter your mood for the better, including:

  • Walking with purpose
  • Sitting upright
  • Taking deep breaths
  • Jumping up and down
  • Gently jogging a few paces
  • Forcing a smile
  • Forcing laughter
  • Dancing
  • and so on…

Let’s explore a few of the above, as a couple of points may have raised a few questions in your mind…

Walking With Purpose

Whether you “have somewhere to be” or not doesn’t always affect your walking, especially if you aren’t that interested in where you have to get to. However, walking at a faster pace will give your brain the illusion that you have to be somewhere quickly. Soon you find “purpose” in walking quicker, and your thoughts begin to change.

Walking with purpose brightens up our mood, sparking creativity and a feeling of importance. This is very effective when in busy areas and other people are walking slowly around you. It’s not an “ego boost”, it’s merely picking yourself up out of a slow declining loss of energy through walking unenthusiastically.

Forcing Smiles & Laughter

When you force a smile for long enough, you raise your spirits for a moment. To enhance this method, you can force laughter, and soon after you may even let out a genuine laugh.

To REALLY make this technique sing, picture an event in your mind that you found hilarious, or imagine something that would make you laugh. Then begin forcing the smiles and laughter along with the metal image or movie. This method is enough to break a bad mood or silence between you and another person if you feel you’ve been stubborn but want the negative atmosphere to disintegrate.


This method can be used when you’re alone OR if you’re rather outgoing and consider yourself an extrovert, you can do this in front of others. How many times have you been around someone who's trying to either cheer you up or lift your mood, and they’ve said something like, “Come on, let’s get going” while doing a silly “on the spot” type dance?

It’s very common, but there’s something magical to it, as you feel it really working. It’s even more powerful when you do the dance yourself! Jigging just a little is enough to show you how silly you’ve been in your fowl mood. It feels like smashing a window pane in your mind because you couldn’t find another way around it, but without using brute force or anger.

Jumping up and down or gently jogging a few paces works on almost the same premise as “dancing”, except they get more blood pumping around the body, carrying essential oxygen to help us feel rejuvenated and energised.

Wrapping things up…

Overall, through using your body as an anchor you can lift yourself out of any bad mood by altering your posture, stance and body language. Even if you just want a booster in energy and confidence you can “strike a pose” that will help you change your body chemistry.

People like Tony Robbins do this kind of thing before they go on stage to pump themselves up, you can see them jumping up and down on small trampolines to elevate their energy and mood backstage. You are no different, you can summon that exact same optimism, enthusiasm and determination just by simply changing your physical actions.

You’ll find that it takes no more effort than it does to remain in a slumped out position. Plus, over time, this idea will turn into a force of habit, as you’ll notice your body slouching or feeling lethargic, and know that you need to adjust yourself to remain in optimum mental condition.

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