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Are You Prepared For Success?

Written by Rob J. Temple

The question this blog post raises is quite odd I know. Most people foam at the mouth when thinking about their dreams coming true. But when they begin to think about the steps to success, and what the journey will entail, nerves, worry and procrastination can set in, instead of excitement…

Alternatively, the perfect opportunity for success may present itself, but unfortunately the “dreamer” wasn’t prepared for it, and so it left them looking foolish and unqualified.

This is something I’ve seen a lot, people dreaming but not educating themselves on what they need to know to execute their ambitions, bringing them into reality, and being prepared for when traction starts building.

When people find themselves in a position where their goals are materialising, and they’re given a platform from which to “live” their dream, they freeze up, or do something silly, which just makes them look uneducated or unfit for the job.

It’s like if someone became president without really knowing what the job entailed or how to be good at it. Has anything like that ever happened? Err, let’s not go there…

The point is, do YOU know your stuff?

If someone came to you now with the perfect opportunity to achieve your most favoured goal, would you be able to “live” it knowing everything you need to about it? To perform it safely, wisely, with elegance and finesse?

Dreaming Syndrome

Dreaming is healthy and I encourage it. BUT, there’s a fine balance between dreaming and taking action. A dream should only be a “dream” for a certain period of time, it should materialise into something measurable in your life when you begin taking action on it.

If all you do is dream, you won’t ever achieve the things you’re fantasising about…

Look at the following example:

“Susan” has a big dream of owning her own arts shop. She wants to sell paintings, sculptures, and many other arts and crafts pieces. She sounds very passionate about it, and does have the talent to create all of the goods she’d like to sell.

Susan talks about her passion all the time, and says it’s one of her lifelong ambitions, and she’d love for it to “happen” for her…

One day, “Brian” comes along and says that he owns a rather large store and that there’s room inside of it for Susan to set up shop. He invites her to do so and says, “what’s your business plan?”

Susan is taken by surprise, doesn’t understand the financial part of owning a shop, nor the process of selling, tax, and other small details of running her own business. So, her initial reply is breezy, confusing and not convincing. It leaves her sounding interested, but not very educated on the proposal. Her “passionate dream” now seems like something she’s never really thought through. Brian is no longer sure it’s a good idea, and the opportunity passes.

The above example is a textbook scenario showcasing someone who isn’t “prepared for success”…

The truth is you don’t have to know “everything”, but you need to know enough to sound convincing to yourself and others. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to take your goals seriously.

Learn What You “Think” You Don’t Need To Know

This idea is something that can be very helpful in preparing you for success when an opportunity presents itself. Quite often we feel that we know everything we need to in an area, especially if we’re told we’re good at something.

Then all of a sudden we’re asked a question about our “passion” and we don’t know the answer. Therefore we sound unconvincing when we finally give an answer.

This usually comes down to us “skipping” over things that we think we don’t need to know. For example, if you’re reading a book and section comes up with a title that you think you’ve already covered elsewhere, you skip that chapter or section. There could have been key insights or things you hadn’t discovered before in that section, but now you’ll never know them, and they could come back to bite you in the ass in the future.

Always take the time to learn what you “think” you don’t need to know, it could turn out to be key information that seals a deal for you, and brings your dreams into reality.

Wrapping things up…

So, it seems that overall people often feel they’re more prepared for success than they actually are. Through learning what you “think” you don’t need to know, and assessing your current knowledge on your “goals”, you’ll be able to tell whether you could satisfy someone when the opportunity arises for you to reach success.

The main solution to being prepared for success is obviously knowledge and understanding. Read up on your subject area as often as possible. Purchase books, read blogs, watch YouTube videos, attend seminars, get a mentor, join an accountability group.

Through doing the above you’ll not only acquire the knowledge you need to convince someone that you’re “fit for the job” when the opportunity knocks, you’ll also draw that opportunity closer to you through mingling with crowds of people already active in the community that your “dream” lives in…

Please don’t be another person who blags their way to success, only to look stupid when given a platform to showcase their knowledge and skills. It never works out in the short run, and if you get lucky, you’ll most likely be caught out in the long run anyway.

If a passion means enough to you, this won’t feel like “work”, it’ll be something that interests and motivates you. Enjoy the process of perfecting your skills, knowing that you’re preparing yourself for when any opportunities turn up.

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