Goal Setting

Do You Have A Plan?

Written by Rob J. Temple

You’d be surprised as to how many people out there have a gazillion goals, but not ONE plan on how to make them a reality… Sound familiar?

Sure it’s easy to say, “I’d like to do (goal) with my life”, or, “I want to become a (goal)”, but what action do you take on these statements? And if you DID take action, how “far in” did you get towards completion?

Without creating plans, we’re FAR less likely to achieve any of our targets, since we have no “guide” to keep us on track, or teach us HOW we’re going to achieve success!

It’s very common to make statements, but unfortunately it’s also very common to forget to plan… As the old saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”.

Do you know your goals? What do they entail? What does the beginning, middle and end of your journey to success look like? If you don’t know these answers, you need to find them out and put them into a plan of action, as this guide will take you from A – Z to really accomplishing something with MINIMAL stress and likelihood of failure.

Lets look at two examples:

Example 1 –

“Bob wants to set up a business in the carpet cleaning industry. He has no previous experience, but he knows he wants to do it. He tells all his friends and family, and they give him some advice.

It all sounds fun and amazing, but Bob never goes any further with his goal, it all sounds like too much at once…”

Example 2 –

“Sally thinks about opening up a carpet cleaning company. She has no previous experience, but she knows she wants to do it. She tells all her family and friends, and they give her some advice.

She then starts researching into carpet cleaning businesses and the industry. She learns about the services she’ll need to provide, and all the “ins and outs”.

Sally makes a few different plans. One is short term, to get the business up and running. The others are long term plans, so that she can stay on track and hit the “numbers” she needs to for company growth over time.

She goes as in depth as possible, creating a “step-by-step” plan to get the business started, so that she knows what she has to do every day of the month to make her company “work”.

Sally takes action on her plans, and the goal becomes a reality…”

What’s the difference between success and failure in the above two examples? Effective planning!

When we plan things out in a step by step manner, we create “bitesize” objectives which are EASY to fulfil. Over time, as long as we keep taking action and completing these “bitesize” objectives, we’ll create something huge.

It’s MUCH easier to take action on LOTS of smaller tasks, than it is to on one ENORMOUS task. For example, let’s say you were told you “had” to climb a mountain. You were given two methods to use for success, one was to “jump” to the top straight away, and the other to take it one step at a time. Which is doable and manageable in your mind? The “one step at a time” option obviously!

Plans create a manageable and “doable” version of our goals, so that we don’t let it all “become too much” in our minds. When we feel overwhelmed and overloaded, we’re far less likely to make any progress, and it’s a sure sign of taking on too much at once.

We can use plans such as the above for anything and everything in our lives. From small tasks such as preparing and cooking meals, to life changing career choices, and then everything in between!

However, without them we’re reducing the likelihood of us achieving anything drastically. This isn’t to say we won’t take any action on a goal, it’s just that we’re more than likely to never reach the end target…

One factor which I feel is very important is that we must ENJOY the process of a plan just as much as what the end goal will produce. A lot of people moan about their current situation in life, and are always looking for something else to be happy and content in “this” moment.

However, “this” continual moment is all we can ever truly live in therefore it’s what we experience as “life”, so don’t wish it or throw it away! Happiness and contentment come from emotional states “within” us not from outside of us. No matter what our current surroundings are, if we are acting on our values and goals, we can find happiness and contentment within.

Once we realise that we’re in charge of our emotional states, we can then act from healthy and positive perspectives enjoying our plans every step of the way. Think of it this way, you’ll go through your plans and journey in a happy and content state of mind, and the bonus is that you’ll achieve something you’ve always wanted to at the end.

What would you rather be the case in your life:

A) You fought your plans kicking and screaming until you finally reached your goal


B) You thoroughly enjoyed your journey through your plans every step of the way, and then as a bonus you achieved your goal

What option “B” provides is a happy life, showing that you don’t always think the grass is “greener” on the other side. Option “A” shows someone who is always trying to escape to something “better”, without realising that the whole thing is a journey that should be positive and enjoyable.

It’s far more satisfying and healthy to savour an experience than it is to only look forward to the end result…

Celebrate ALL the small steps completed within your plans, you’ll draw more positivity, happiness and self-love this way, rather than never being content with your current position and situation.

These plans are meant to help you achieve personal goals, they are positive and life enhancing, so why make them into chores and negative experiences?

In conclusion, to generate success from your goals and ambitions you must learn to create intricate plans for both the short AND long term. Also, you should learn to enjoy every step of your plans so that you feel happy, healthy and positive throughout your journey through life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post 🙂

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To YOUR Happiness,

Rob J. Temple

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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