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The One Week Long Goal

Written by Rob J. Temple

The mentality behind the “one week long goal” is actually quite incredible. It might sound a little ridiculous to some of you, but having a one week long goal can be the milestone in your life that changes everything.

Allow me to explain…

Achieving smaller goals helps us to get used to the idea of setting a target and reaching it, which then creates an attitude of congruency, where we’ll want to start accomplishing everything we set ourself.

For example, let me take this to an “even shorter” timeframe, such as a goal you can complete before you even jump in the shower in the morning. This goal is “making your bed”.

Making your bed? Have you lost it Rob? Nope, hear me out on this one. This is likely to be the first thing you do once you wake in the day. Therefore, having the very “first” thing you do be a completion of a daily goal you set yourself sets your mind up for productivity and achievement.

Remember, most of the time how we begin our day determines our attitude for the day and the rest of the days results…

Waking up and making your bed immediately gets you in the mindset of completing goals you set yourself, no matter how small. There’s a psychological shift and benefit that occurs when we do this, and it helps push us on to taking more action and generating that feeling of satisfaction when we tick off other goals from our “to-do” lists.

So, the “one week long goal” can be a little more elaborate than “making your bed”. If it takes you one week to make your bed you either have a ridiculously HUGE bed, or you’re slacking…

There are numerous goals that can be achieved within the period of one week. They can be broken down into the following categories (feel free to add any more that you can think of):

One Week Long Goal Categories –

  • Fitness
  • Journalling
  • Health
  • Wellbeing
  • Wellness
  • Business
  • Personal
  • Relationship
  • Housework
  • Maintenance of some kind
  • And so on…

Goals don’t always have to be earth-shattering, especially smaller “bite-size” ambitions. Remember, what we’re ultimately doing here is adopting a mindset of success and making a “habit” of achieving goals we set ourselves.

Small steps taken daily towards success are far more effective than one large step taken once…

As Tony Robbins says, what do you do CONSISTENTLY? The trick to success is taking consistent action towards your version of triumph.

Side note: One week long goals CAN be a part of larger goals that will take longer than a week to complete. Larger goals should be broken up into smaller ones anyway to make them more manageable and actionable!

Here’s some more in-depth examples of one week long goals:

I will lose two pounds in weight (not currency) this week.

I will clean out my car this week and make it SHINE.

I will learn my first three guitar chords this week.

I will decrease my stress levels this week.

I will meditate once per day for at least 10 minutes per session every day this week, and then measure my progress.

I will phone an old friend and start repairing that relationship this week.

I will surprise my partner with a romantic meal out this week.

Get the idea? This list could be endless, the amount of goals you can set yourself to achieve and complete within a week is staggering!!

Imagine you set yourself 3 goals to complete each week, how much more would you get done in 52 weeks (a year) compared to usual? Productivity sets in motion when we pronounce that we will do something in a specific timeframe and then do it…

Through getting used to setting weekly goals and achieving them, you’re priming your mindset to make a habit out of accomplishments. This is a skill, and it has to be developed over time.

Once you get used to this idea and have seen the progress and success you’re having, try it with larger goals. Extend your time period, break up larger goals into smaller sub-sections so that you can create a plan or map that you can follow to reach success.

Achieving goals becomes a LOT easier when we make habits out of the mindset required to take action and hit our targets. It almost becomes second nature, and before we know it, we’re already knee-deep in the middle of our plans and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is why I believe setting smaller, more achievable, “light pressure” goals with short timeframes attached to them can set people off on the road to MASSIVE success over time.

Now it’s over to you. What one week long goals can you set yourself?

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