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Why You Aren’t Seeing Results With Self Improvement

Written by Rob J. Temple

So, you’ve hired a mentor, a life coach, bought some self improvement books, products, even attended a couple of seminars in your time, but you still haven’t seen any satisfactory results.

You aren’t at that incredible place you were told to visualise and “manifest” at the beginning of your journey. You know, the place your “self help guru” promised would come to be if you “desired” it as if your life depended on it.

I wonder why this is? Why do so many people fail with self improvement? And why DON’T all people see the results they’ve dreamed up when following other people’s advice?

As you may have guessed, I’m on a bit of a rant today, but this topic is a VERY important one for me. It uncovers the massive gaping hole of dishonesty and bullshit present in the self improvement industry today, and unfortunately it’s been around for some time too.

There are two main reasons why you aren’t seeing results with your self improvement efforts:

  1. The methods and techniques “taught” to you by self help gurus don’t work or aren’t effective enough.


2) You aren’t putting in the work with methods that DO work…

This is a tricky situation to place some truth in, since you could easily mistake number two as your cause for failure, when really number one is responsible. For example, you could think you’re not trying hard enough at a method that’s NEVER going to bring you the bounty you’re after.

Unfortunately that’s also what many of these “hyped up” fake self help gurus preach too. “If it’s not working you don’t desire it enough”…

Rather than taking into account that their methods are unrealistic and just don’t work.

Here’s just a small list of unproven and unscientific approaches to “self improvement” that can actually cause more depression and negativity in people’s lives:

  • The Law of Attraction – (Yep, sorry people, no evidence here for this one and it’s a MAJOR cause for depression)
  • Manifestation – While I understand that if you put in the work, you will get results and bring a goal to life, I do NOT believe you’ll manifest anything by simply “asking the universe” for results and then leaving it in the hands of “the universe” to provide for you. The universe is NOT some kind of cosmic Santa Claus.

These two areas have caused people serious financial problems, emotional stress and unwarranted negativity in their lives.


Because if you’re sold the idea by some “self help guru” that if you simply wish upon a star that your dreams will come true, and you believe them, you will be unhappy or believe you aren’t “worthy” when nothing comes your way.

The only way to get real tangible results in life is to TAKE ACTION on your goals, so that you can manifest them yourself.

We can put this to the test right now with an experiment if you need some real evidence to work with…

We’re going to make a cup of coffee.

Method #1:  Fill your kettle with water, grab a mug out the cupboard and put a teaspoon of coffee into the mug (yes we’re making instant coffee I’m sorry coffee lovers!). Wait for the kettle to boil then give it a minute to simmer. Next, pour in the hot water into your mug with the coffee present and stir in the coffee with a spoon. Voila! Result in hand.

Method #2: Do not move a muscle, stay where you are and ask the universe or some other magical “force at play” to bring you a cup of coffee ready made.

Now unless a remarkable coincidence took place wherever you may be right now where you’d already asked for coffee or a friend brought you some, I’m fairly certain you DON’T have any results from method #2 here?

Whether your goal is to make a cup of coffee or to create an entire business, or to buy your dream house/car, nothing changes. Method #1 works, #method #2 doesn’t…

I get so very angry every time I see “fake” self improvement mentors preaching bullshit such as the above, as I know nine times out of ten people don’t experience a coincidence OR find themselves putting in the action needed for success anyway.

It can lead to serious unhappiness. Imagine the feeling, you’re already stressed out with life, you have a goal, you may already be wondering why things haven’t gone your way, and then some slime covered sales person tells you that the universe is “loving and giving” and will give you what you want without any effort required on your part, you just have to desire it enough.

When you aren’t provided with results, you’re then left with a feeling FAR worse than you started with, as now you can add the “UNIVERSE” to the list of things that doesn’t think you’re worthy enough for success…

Excuse me, but that way of thinking can FUCK off!

Information like that shouldn’t be allowed into the mass market in books, courses or anything else, it’s not fair on those who are “very” open minded.

Wrapping things up…

Overall, as people who have dreams and desires, we need to understand that we MUST put in the action needed to bring about results in life. There is no magical or mystical force at play that will do everything for you.

Exercise your critical thinking skills people!

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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