5 Habit Changes That Will Make You Feel Better

Written by Rob J. Temple

Our health is paramount to our existence, yet it can easily be damaged through laziness and neglect. 

Depending on our upbringing and environment, we become conditioned to either embrace a healthy lifestyle, or to frame nutritional living as “hard work.” 

Sometimes healthcare doesn't even cross our minds, until we eventually realise that we're out of shape, stressed and find it difficult to pursue lively activities.

However, staying in shape and feeding your body with nutritious, satisfying and healthy fuel isn't as hard as it's made out to be. 

That's also part of the problem, the common mindset held towards healthy living is that it is difficult to maintain or begin. This is an incorrect stereotype, and it needs busting wide open. 

Using the five habit changes in this post, you'll be able to see just how enjoyable and easy it can be to start feeling better physically and mentally.

Mindful Food Shopping

Food shopping is a very regular occurrence in most of our lives. However, depending on our moods and how much time we give ourselves, we can rush this task and buy in lots of unhealthy foods that could damage our health over time. 

Your diet is essential to your wellbeing; therefore it must be taken seriously. To avoid snacking on low-quality foods, you can give yourself the upper hand by taking more control over your food shopping.

Take time to read labels and look into what ingredients are in the goods you purchase. Through doing this, you will become familiar with products that contain healthy nutritional values, helping you cut out bad food from your diet. 

Make sure you give yourself time to enjoy your grocery shopping. You'll feel great about taking care of yourself, as well as those you live with too. Not only will your health improve, so will the diets of those in your household.

To ensure success with this habit, be sure to prep your mind and agenda before entering into a supermarket. 

Remember that you aim to shop mindfully, paying attention to what you pick up and put in your basket or cart. Through watching your actions, you'll learn old shopping habits that could lead to unhealthy eating, and develop new ones that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Health and Technology

In this day and age keeping on top of your health is far easier than it was even a decade ago. Technology has played a key role in this shift, with wearable devices and apps on smartphones that can track your fitness, diets and even stress levels, offering solutions on how to improve those areas.

When we install apps or use wearable devices, our behaviour begins to change as we're frequently sent notifications on our activity, giving us real-time updates on our overall health levels. 

Devices such as the FitBit are very habit forming, as we're not only sent notifications on our activity but over time we start looking out for alerts and updates on our performance, keen to compete with previous results or to see how we've been doing.

There are apps available that cater for most peoples interests in the world of healthy activities. 

For example, yoga lovers could use “Daily Yoga,” or those interested in running may want to try “Couch to 5k”. Search for your health interests and see if you can find an app related to the area, you're bound to come across some results that can help you form a healthier lifestyle through practicing and habit.

Your Informational Environment

The books you read, the TV you watch and the information you browse on the internet all affect how you think, which produces the results you see in life. 

We're all environmentally conditioned, therefore, if we wish to become healthier, we need to make a habit out of sourcing helpful content that will push us to live a healthy lifestyle. If you find yourself watching TV shows that make you stressed or lethargic, remove them from your life, as they will not be assisting you and your health.

The same goes for books and anything you browse on the net. Make sure that you surround yourself with positive information that will assist you on your health targets, as it will help you to stay determined and motivated to accomplish your desires. 

Also, be mindful of the people you surround yourself with too as they will influence you and your decisions. Try to associate yourself with people who are already living a healthy lifestyle, and they will help you develop habits that will increase your wellness.

Notice Your Actions

Learn to become aware of your actions that cause bad health. For example, if you find yourself wandering over to the fridge to grab a snack, catch yourself in the act. 

This kind of action can be such a force of habit that people aren't aware of what they're doing until it's too late. Or they know what's going on, but they're not quite conscious enough to break the pattern of behaviour.

Through developing an awareness of your actions, you can begin to break that chain of events that leads to becoming unhealthy. Notice when you've been sitting for too long without going for a walk or partaking in some exercise. You can also take this habit to a mental state, and learn to watch your thoughts. 

Notice thoughts that could potentially lead you to unhealthy activity, for example, thinking of shoving a frozen meal in the oven for dinner instead of preparing something fresh.


Walking is a simple, elegant and enjoyable, healthy activity. According to apps such as the FitBit, to maintain good health, we should walk around 10,000 steps each day. 

It's easy to get up and go for a walk around the neighbourhood once or twice per day, or even to our local woodlands (depending on where you live). It's a great exercise that doesn't feel like a fitness technique since it's our primary method of transport as humans.

Negative thinking and overexcited mind chatter can be seriously reduced by walking, hence the popular phrase, “go for a walk to clear your head.” Make a habit out of going for at least one walk per day, and see how much better you feel both mentally and physically. 

Wrapping things up…

Overall, through using the five areas listed above on a frequent basis, you can form habits out of them, increasing your health and wellbeing tenfold. You don't have to start with all of them at once, but try to tackle at least one or two from the list to begin with and see how your health levels change over the next few weeks.


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