What It Means To Listen To Your Gut

Written by Rob J. Temple

We’ve all heard the phrase, “go with your gut”

But what does it actually mean?

Is there some magical force at play here that’s directing us to make better choices that are aligned with our core values?

Er’hum, no. No there isn’t.

However, our values DO play a huge part in how we feel about situations, events, and opportunities in life. When we ignore that little voice in our heads or “gut feeling”, we tend to get angry with ourselves when things haven’t gone our way, saying things like, “I knew I should have gone with my gut” and so on…

I admit, it is VERY annoying when deep down you knew the decision you wanted to make in a given scenario but chose a different option and things didn’t pan out.

So here’s my advice. It’s pretty simple. Are you ready for it?


At least when you go with your gut feeling about something and it DOES turn out to be wrong you don’t feel as frustrated or annoyed at yourself. You stand to learn real lessons this way. Also, when things go right you get a warm fuzzy satisfying feeling knowing that you 100% owned that decision.

Taking responsibility and ownership of our actions is the BEST way to progress, develop, and improve our chances of becoming successful and happy. However, you can’t take responsibility or ownership over something if you didn’t make any decisions.

I guess the only thing you can learn from NOT going with your gut is that you should go with it next time 😉

One important thing to note is that our gut feeling is a concoction of genetics, environmental conditioning, and our habits. Therefore, if your gut feeling is leaning on the “negative” end of the mindset spectrum, it’s worth addressing these other areas of your lifestyle.

For example, if you have a habit of procrastinating and your gut feeling is to “hold back” from taking actions that you’ve been putting off for a long time, I’d say that may not be the best route to take.

Instead of procrastinating, notice your gut feeling and see if it aligns with your goals, ambitions and what you want to achieve. If it doesn’t, it’s time to work on creating new positive healthy habits that DO align with your desires.

Being conscious of your “gut instinct” will help you realise if you’re making quick decisions that are holding you back in life. Or, you may learn how your gut instinct is ready for action but when you start overthinking things “you” tend to get in your own way of success.

Without noticing how you initially react to situations it’s nearly impossible to tell whether you’re moving towards success or preventing yourself from ever reaching it.

Use this mindful exercise as an ongoing daily experiment. See how you react to opportunities and events that occur throughout the day and notice whether they put you on track for success or more of the same…

Then, change your negative habits as you notice them so that you can fix any deep seated behaviour patterns stopping you from succeeding.

Over time this will get easier and new results will begin to formulate in your life. Remember, this is due to YOUR actions, not some outside wanky force doing things for you.

Wrapping things up…

Overall, listening to your gut instinct is ALWAYS a good idea. Most of the time taking action based upon your gut feeling is a positive thing to do, however, be aware that you could be reacting on “autopilot” mode which might not be so beneficial.

Become mindful of your gut feeling and see if you have any negative habits or thought patterns that need changing and replacing over time.

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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