Why Fitness Is Not a Habit but a Lifestyle Choice

Written by Rob J. Temple

The fitness and dieting industry have many stereotypes and “magic solutions” attached to them. This leads many people into believing that they can change their physical health around in a ridiculously small time frame. If these solutions worked or were easy to use, don't you think we'd all be in pristine shape?

While there are radical shifts and changes you can make in your life to lose weight or tone up, the real “work” comes into play in the maintenance of a lifestyle choice.

To create lasting change in your life, you have to alter the lifestyle you live; otherwise, you will always end up reverting back to your old physique.

There is a difference between a habit and a way of life. A habit is something you do on autopilot, through mental conditioning and repetition, a lifestyle choice is consciously living in a way that produces certain results in your life.

If you're consciously aware of what you want in life, your decisions and actions will reflect upon that, manifesting the outcome you desire.

Will Power and Expectation

Changing your fitness level isn't a walk in the park, and no quick fix will ever last if you don't understand the way your body and mind work. In order to create sustainable change, you need to tap into your willpower and become realistic with your expectations.

For example, a lot of people underestimate how much work is needed to alter their physique into a healthier state. It's not as simple as hitting the gym once in a while and eating a salad here and there; you have to make health and fitness a part of your life.

Every decision you make must come from this new perspective, and the old you must be left in the past. To do this, there are two main methods that have worked best for most people.

1) The radical shift – This is where you change almost everything about your current lifestyle in an instant, and begin living by your newly set criteria from day one. It feels forced, as that's precisely what it is, however, if you think you can hack it then it will work wonders for you. This approach generally requires a lot of dedication and will power to pull off.

2) The gradual shift – This method speaks for itself; it's pretty much the opposite of the radical shift. You induce slow changes into your day-to-day activities that over time gradually alter your lifestyle to create more health and fitness results and awareness.

The Cybernetic Response

If you don't change your lifestyle, you will always bring about the same results, no matter what environment or circumstances you find yourself in at any given time. This is because you have programmed into you what's called a cybernetic response.

A cybernetic response is something that corrects the course or path something takes if it begins to go astray. Airplanes are built with them so that the pilot can sit back and relax knowing they are on course at all times, as when they veer off course, the cybernetics will activate and correct the course so that the plane is guaranteed to arrive at the programmed destination.

What course have you set yourself on? You may have many habits programmed into you, and they will always lead you back into the same results unless you make a lifestyle choice that alters your internal compass. This is 100 percent relevant and the case for fitness or any goal you have in life.

When you make the decision to change your lifestyle to become healthier, it's important to either follow a proven plan or create your own which resonates with the results you wish to see.

This plan should be used whenever and wherever you go. For example, a lot of people use the excuse of work or travel to avoid workouts and diets, but that can't be allowed to happen. Through changing your lifestyle, you take it with you wherever you go.

Fitness Awareness

To generate new results with your fitness attempts, you must adopt a broader health-based awareness. This means that most of your daily decisions come from a perspective of health. Will this food make you healthier? How is your posture right now? How much water have you drunk today? And so on…

These thoughts must be prominent in your mind as often as possible, especially towards the beginning of your lifestyle transformation as you will be forming the multiple habits that will help carry you along on your quest to better health.

When on vacation or traveling we tend to let our health standards slip. We might drink too much alcohol or eat unhealthy foods as we associate those activities with relaxing or letting our hair down.

These are common stereotypes, and they don't have to be true in your life. You can control your diet and exercise routines wherever you are, especially in this day and age where technology can be used to set reminders and alerts which give us a little wake-up call no matter what we're doing.

Wrapping things up…

Overall if you want to get fit, you need to shift your perspective to start viewing it as a lifestyle choice, not a simple habit or diet. Habits don't contain much emotion or feeling; they are automatic responses created through repetition and conditioning.

Sure they are helpful and will come into play throughout your fitness journey, but the foundation from which they are born out of must be your lifestyle choice.

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