Why Measuring Your Activities Creates Success

Written by Rob J. Temple

Do you know how long it takes you to get ready in the morning? How long it takes you to do your hair? Cook your dinner? Make breakfast? Workout? Get dressed? And so on…

We might have a rough idea of these times but until we measure them or make our estimations more accurate, we can succumb to either being late or too early for something else resulting in us rushing something that’s potentially important.

When we know how long our routines and activities take us we can plan effectively around them, helping us to get more done in a productive way.

It always surprises me when people say they don’t have the time for something, but they don’t actually know how much “time” they have spare in the day and how they spend what time they do have.

Recording your days activities in a diary along with a time period next to each task will help you to see how you’re spending your time, which is arguably the most valuable currency we have.

Now, let me get one thing straight. I’m not suggesting you set a stop watch for everything you do in an average day, however, I am asking you to get more of an accurate idea as to how long you spend on tasks that could be done quicker or more effectively depending on their priority and meaning to you.

For example, spending 30 minutes watching TV vs spending 15 minutes working out. If you realised you were spending double the amount of time watching TV compared to working out you may be inclined to change the way you do things.

Measurement always leads to change (and usually a positive change!).

Perhaps you are the type of person who’d like to be scientific about this. If so, you’ll only stand to gain more from the exercise. You could record your morning routine for a week and then take the mean average of all the measurements to get a more accurate idea of how long it takes you to get ready in the morning.

Once you have your data you can then change parts of your routine to give yourself more time or spend more time on important activities i.e. working out or meditation etc.

The key thing to note here is measurement! Without it we have no idea where we’re at in life. How can we change course from an undefined location?

I’ve spoken mostly about “time” in this blog post, however, there are clearly other things you can measure from your activities such as results. Are you happy with your results? Could they be improved upon? Are you spending too much time on one task?

Measurement will tell you all you need to know and give you effective guidelines to go by on how to create more success and satisfaction out of your endeavours.

You can even go as far as to measure your emotions towards results and certain situations. By noting down how you feel about specific situations and results you begin to learn and become more mindful of how you usually react. When we know how we react on autopilot and become more mindful we can change future decisions so that they reflect our goals more accurately. Again, measuring makes this possible!

Wrapping things up…

Overall, by measuring our progress, actions, and time spent on activities we can get a more accurate picture of where we are and where we’re heading. Measuring allows us to see where needs improvement and what effective actions could be taken to produce more success!

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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