Want To Become A Leader? Here’s How…

Written by Rob J. Temple

Whether you’re in charge of your own business, or feel like you should be more of a “leading” figure in your social/family circles, leadership can help you create huge positive movements in your life.

Think of a person in your life who you’ve encountered who possessed a “leader” like quality. How did it feel to be around them? Did you feel like you were given direction? Purpose? Did it also feel positive, like you were making a difference with all the actions you took?

Some people are crafted into leaders from an early age. This has lead the world to believe that there are “natural born leaders”, however, EVERY skill can be attained and learned in life. From the first few years of our lives through to childhood and teenage years, we’re shaped into the kinds of people we’re going to become.

Through experiences, relationships, connections and more, we’re moulded into the people we “believe” we are. However, we DO have the power to change any of our mental wiring whenever we please. It’s just simply knowing this that helps a “reaction” and transformation occur.

Becoming a leader is possible for ANYONE, all you need to do is acquire some new perspectives and skills and you can start to influence those around you, and be seen as someone to follow.

There are a few dangerous areas that you must avoid if you want to become an effective, respected and successful leader. For example, you don’t want to be bashful, arrogant, ignorant, aggressive, or negative in any way.

Some people believe they own leadership qualities but in fact it’s merely their “position” that gets them respect. If you’re the owner of a company, you are respected because of that. However, it doesn’t make you a successful leader. Being a leader involves MORE than position and stature.

In order to become a leader you need to posses the following skills and mind states:

  • Be Knowledgable
  • Be open minded
  • Courageous
  • Understanding

The above areas are the most important skills and mind states that a leader can posses. Let’s explore them more deeply individually.

Be Knowledgable –

Whatever the circumstances are that you’re involved in which have made you want to learn to become a leader, they’re irrelevant, the same skills will always apply.

You need to become as knowledgable as possible in your key subject area. With knowledge comes power, and this breeds confidence. From confidence you learn to make decisions, as you feel “certain” about your ideas, plans and methods for success. This knowledge will begin to influence those around you, and people will start to believe that you are a credible figure to follow.

This is one of the major steps to becoming a leader, as from knowledge the rest of the skills tend to fall into place naturally. However, some of the other mind states do play a VITAL role in you being seen as an approachable, positive leader.

Be open minded –

Don’t close out information simply because you didn’t find it first or think of it yourself, that’s one of the worst things you can do. Try not to be stubborn. Let everyone have their say and allow information to be taken in.

Being open minded will allow you to explore all avenues, outcomes and results. This will allow you to reach success in a much more effective, efficient and positive manner.

Courageous –

Leaders make decisions. They weigh everything up from their existing knowledge, and information given to them externally, and then they make their choice. This takes courage, determination and the guts to put their name on the line.

Without risk, there’s no gain right? The key is to take calculated risks, and this is what leaders will do. If you take risks for the sake of it, with no real knowledge in an area, you won’t be seen as a leader, you’ll be seen as a fool. Whereas if you take calculated risks, showcasing your ideas, plans and research, you’ll be seen as courageous, and THAT’S what leaders are!

Understanding –

The last of the main key skills leaders posses is “understanding”. Being a leader isn’t all about making decisions and being courageous, it’s about having time for those around you. Really listening to peoples problems and helping them through them. A leader gives advice, shows the way and helps others get through difficult situations or problems.

Most parents or guardians are leaders to us throughout our lives. We go to them for support, advice and help. In this way they are seen as “leaders” as they show us understanding and “the way” forward.

Overall the qualities above are what’s needed to shape ourselves as “leaders” in any area of our lives. Whether you want to be seen as an expert at work, run your business and boost your staffs morale, been seen as a better family member or anything else.

You MUST show knowledge, be open minded, courageous and understanding in order to be a positive and effective leader. Leaders should be the “go to” people for anything needed, therefore you need to make yourself available.

Display acts showcasing the above traits and you’ll be seen a leader by all those around you in no time. Sure it can be hard, but not everything comes easy in life, otherwise we’d all be seen as leaders!

Put in the time to becoming the expert in your field, or know what you need to know in order to win people over socially. Make choices and decisions weighing up all odds and outcomes, and go with your gut instinct (without being stubborn!). Then show compassion, understanding and sympathy for those that need it, and help them through their hardships.

Remember, anyone can achieve leadership. You don’t have to be born and bred into a certain family to be seen an an expert or possess the qualities of a leader. You can attain and learn all the skills and mind states needed, using the information in this blog post! Now go take some action, and become the leader that you want to be.

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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