Communication Holds The Secret To Success

Written by Rob J. Temple

Most humans on a daily basis will communicate with one another. It’s such a common occurrence that we don’t really think much of it, if anything. However, this is a crucial error, especially if things aren’t panning out as we’d hoped they would in life.

Within communication itself, lies the secret language that can transform and change our lives in ANY way we wish to. Just think about it for a second, without communication how would we get anything done? I’m communicating to you right now via this blog post.

Communication is everywhere, and it comes in many different forms. For example body language is a form of communication, the way you walk, sit, look at others, react and act all says something about you.

So how does communication hold the secret to success? Because from our communications with other people we create our future. Every path we take in life comes from our actions, choices and decisions. But in order for things to really begin happening, we need to communicate with other people.

Whether you’re communicating to sell, perform, persuade, connect, build a relationship (business, friends, lovers etc), or anything else, you have to talk and converse with other human beings.

In other cases (this is a little different but relevant) we may need to communicate with animals. This might be for training purposes, such as training your dog. Communication is needed both verbally and physically in the way you act around your dog to show them that you’re the leader of the pack.

Therefore, through knowing that communication is the “connecting force” that enables us to start making real changes in our lives, we should aim to do all that we can to improve the way we do it!

If we don’t learn to communicate effectively, it’s like being given the keys to a Ferrari and not using them. This “secret” is just that, because it isn’t blatantly obvious to us. We’re not taught from a young age that communication will enable us to get what we want out of life.

So it becomes something we never think about, and we simply dream about what we’d like in life, without ever realising we already possess the attributes needed to make those dreams a reality.

Let’s look at how you can use communication to get what you want out of life…

Communication through many means, will help you live in a more happy and fulfilled manner. You simply need to have your dreams and aspirations at the centre of your focus as often as you can. Then when you communicate with others, you will make choices and decisions that resonate with this focus. From here you will be more likely to move into the areas in life that you wish to, as you’re acting towards them.

For example, let’s say “Bill” wants to start a new career path for himself. He doesn’t like his current job, and wants to start a business of his own selling information eBooks online. If he thinks about this dream enough, and chooses to take actions that will help this dream become a reality, his communication will change.

Bill is presented with two options with every decision he has to make. One option is to work away at his dream career, the other is to prolong it from coming into existence.

One day Bills friends ask him to go to the local pub with him for  a few drinks. He knows they’ll be out for hours and most likely not be back till late. It looks like fun, however deep down he really wants to work at his new business, as it excites him more, and he knows it’ll give him the freedom he really desires in life.

With this focus at the forefront of Bills attention, he chooses to stay in and work away at his dreams, instead of wasting money at the pub!

Does this story sound familiar? (I’m not suggesting that people would rather drink than build their dreams!)

We’re all often faced with decisions that will prevent us from building something that we’d like to, or pursuing something we’ve always wanted to. Communication on our OWN terms with our own best interest at heart is what’s needed for success.

This doesn’t have to sound or be selfish, but use it with moderation. Of course if you’re really needed for something, don’t be heartless! But when you COULD spend that time doing something of real value for your life, and the lives of those closest to you, the decision is yours to make.

Start to look at the way you communicate with others, whether around your friends, family, co-workers or boss etc, see how you converse with them, and what your body language is like. Does it scream confidence and that you are a valuable person to them? Or does it contain a lot of negativity?

If you communicate positively around people, good things will begin to happen for you, as you’ll be a “joy” to be around. It always pays to be nice and welcoming, whether you’re selling something or simply having a friendly chat.

However, on the contrary if you’re negative around someone often, the opposite will happen. You will get less opportunities arise and less desirable situations and scenarios will occur.

You can often see this with people who only seem to “moan” about their life situation externally and internally. How often do you want to be around those people? Is it a fun, happy and friendly environment? Nine times out of ten it isn’t, and there are more productive people to be around.

Overall communication really holds the secrets to success, and through using it properly, you can bring about positive shifts and transformations in your life, that will make you a LOT happier.

Just observe how you currently communicate with all those around you, and then think about your goals. Do you want them to buy something? Be nicer to you? Enjoy your presence more? Give them your full attention and have a positive conversation with them, using communication to your advantage, then see how things change for the better!

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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