3 Steps Towards Effortless Positive Thinking

Written by Rob J. Temple

Do you often find yourself stewing over negative thoughts or emotions when life takes a turn for the worse?

Or maybe you get royally pissed off by those overly positive people who can only see the good in everything?

You know the ones? They always love mornings, wear bright colours and drink flavoured tea.

(Shit, I just described myself).

Thing is, most people either have POSITIVE thinking OR NEGATIVE thinking.

There's very few people who go back and forth between the two.

And it ALL comes down to some very deep (but easy to change) programming in our minds.

It's really common for our brains to ‘tag' onto negative thinking – and from there, it's a downward spiral!

But don't panic – I have some good news.

If you consider yourself to be a negative person, you CAN change it.

See, here's the thing –

You typically see what you look for in life.

That's why you often hear about pregnant women suddenly seeing other pregnant women everywhere.

There aren't MORE people getting pregnant, you just notice them more.

Or if you buy a new car, in a particular colour and you start seeing them… EVERYWHERE?

So, if you can FILL your mind with positivity, you will train your brain to see things more positively.

You can learn to see the silver lining, not the cloud.

So, in this post, I’d like to give you three powerful methods you can use to instill positive thinking with almost no effort at all.

This may sound difficult (or unlikely), so you might be skeptical.

I get that.

That's the negative voice in your head.

See what it's doing? It's finding those negative things.

So, lock that away in a box for a moment and give me a chance.

I promise you there’s no sorcery or magical powers at work here, we’ll simply be taking advantage of how our minds work!

Just 3 simple techniques that you can start implementing today and instantly start feeling more positive.

Here goes:

1) Use Daily Positive Affirmations

I’ve spoken about affirmations before, but if you’re new to the blog or haven’t really explored them, allow me to shed some light on what they are and how they REALLY work.

(I’ll just jump in here and say it’s not through divine intervention or some wanky new-age mumbo jumbo, it’s simple science…).

An affirmation is a phrase which is you would repeat out loud, over and over again – and as often as possible.

The affirmation is a “statement” about how you feel, spoken with passion, belief and certainty about the person that you want to become.

In other words, you are proclaiming yourself to have the characteristics and attributes that you want to inherit.

For example…

“I am so happy and grateful now that I find it easy to talk to complete strangers. I’m 100% comfortable talking to people in all social environments”.

This affirmation would be effective for people who suffer from social anxiety, and wish to instil confidence and calmness in those scenarios.

ALSO, notice how the affirmation was stated in the “present tense”.

In order for affirmations to work, you MUST state them as if you’ve already achieved the thing you want to, and that you're chuffed to bits about it.

Sounds a bit too simple?

Here’s the “science-y” part.

Our brains can’t tell a truth from a lie, therefore you can state something aloud or internally, and the brain will simply take it in.

That's actually why if someone tells a lie often enough, they will eventually begin to believe it themselves.

They'll actually FORGET that it was ever a lie, in the first place.

Now, you won’t change your life by stating an affirmation once.

That's not going to cut it.

In fact, it won't even work if it's just a few times. Or even daily for a few weeks.

When you first start doing this, you'll need to use affirmations daily (or several times per day!) for an extended period of time.

Let's say 90 days.

Then your brain will begin to connect synapses and neural pathways which form beliefs.

Literally just 2-3 minutes, twice per day for 90 days can completely rewire your thoughts, habits and entire belief patterns.

Then you will start to really think the way you want to, and see measurable results in your external world which are congruent with how you’ve been thinking or “affirming” things to yourself.

THAT’S how affirmations work…

And the more you do it, the more powerful it becomes.

You TRAIN your brain to become more susceptible to the affirmations, too.

By using them each and every day over time, affirmations become “effortless”, because you form ‘affirmations habits' by using them over and over, or stating them aloud.

They become a part of your daily routine, and you’ll find yourself using them on complete autopilot over time.

I've actually compiled a free report containing 50 of my favourite affirmations for a happier, healthier and more positive mindset – and I'd love you to download it.

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2) Detach From Negative Surroundings

Another useful step for becoming a “positive thinker” is to remove ALL or as MUCH negativity from your life as possible.

Those affirmations will help you to remove the negative thoughts from your mind, but it will become a LOT easier if you remove external influencing factors that are creating negativity in your life.

For example, here’s a small list of possible outside negative influencers:

  • People
  • Jobs
  • Relationships
  • Materialistic Possessions

There's a bunch of others – but it's ANYTHING which is outside of your control.

All of these things can (and will) influence you in some way. We’re all environmentally conditioned, it’s almost impossible to escape.

So, if you inherently think in a negative way, chances are that you're surrounded by negativity too.

And all of that will reinforce those bad thoughts and continue that downward spiral.

With that in mind, in order to become more positive, you MUST remove all negative surroundings from your life… and replace them with something positive!

Possessions and jobs that don’t mean much to you will be easier to detach from

Not VERY easy, but “easier” than say a person or relationship that you haven’t been honest with yourself about.

You may be thinking:

“How the heck can you remove a person from your life? Especially say a family member? Isn’t that a really shitty thing to do?!”

Firstly,  I’m not asking you to roll someone up in a carpet and throw them off a bridge, there are other ways to remove negativity from a PERSON from your life.

Read the last part of that sentence again, it’ll give you a clue…

I understand that it’s not always possible to remove people from your life completely, but here’s what I suggest:

You can have a chat with these people. Tell them about their negativity and how it impacts your life.

OR instead of bringing up their negativity, just state that you don’t wish to talk about the things they bring up all the time that are negative.

Whenever they bring those subjects up, just say politely, “I don’t wish to talk about that”, or leave the room, say you need the loo and it can’t wait…

Anything you can do to leave that environment.

Again, this kind of activity becomes effortless over time, as you’ll get used to the idea of removing negativity from your life.

As soon as you hear something negative, you’ll attempt to change the conversation subject, or if nothing can be done, you’ll leave the room.

It’ll become a habit which you can’t ignore!

3) Be Grateful For The Good Things

This point I can’t stress enough for becoming a positiver thinker.

We could all be a little more grateful, but I don’t want that.

I want you to be a LOT more grateful.

That's how much I believe in you!

Learning to become grateful for almost everything we have helps us to do the following:

  1. Accept whatever it is we’re grateful for
  2. Release positive emotions and feelings into our system
  3. Be ready to receive more

When we accept something, it no longer has to hold so much “mental baggage or weight” in our minds.

It sinks nicely into our unconscious mind, freeing up room for more thoughts about anything you want to think about.

When we say “thanks” to others or even ourselves, we release feelings of gratitude and love, which again make us feel more positive.

Finally, once we’ve been truly grateful for what we have and have fully accepted it, there is room for more of whatever it may be to enter your life.

Think of it this way, when someone comes to you showing immense gratitude, you feel really nice and fuzzy inside.

It makes you want to give them more, as they’ve fully appreciated what you’ve done for them, and you create a special place for them in your heart.

This feeling is something you can part with others through gratitude, which will make more good things and positivity come back to you again and again, as long as you keep putting out good vibes.

However, the trick here is just to know that you’re inducing a sense of “positivity” in your mind through saying “thanks” to other people.

Again, there’s no sorcery going on here, we’re simply making ourselves feel good but in a way that ALSO make others feel appreciated too.

Try to make a habit out of this by using gratitude at every possible opportunity.

You can always create opportunities to be grateful by saying thanks to those around you for things they’ve done for you in the past.

People love being told how nice they are, call up friends and family members and just say thanks for things they’ve done for you.

See how it makes you AND them feel. Soon this will become second nature to you, and you’ll find yourself being grateful for all things others do to help you in some way without even realising it.

Wrapping Things Up

I love self-improvement techniques and methods that don’t involve much effort, but provide the fastest most effective results.

Sometimes the biggest transformations can take place with the least effort.

I firmly believe that through using affirmations, removing negativity and showing gratitude you can become a positive thinker in next to no time, without putting in hardly any effort.

The reason for this is that these techniques can all become habits, and they’re all so SIMPLE to carry out, you can incorporate them into your lives right now.

I've actually compiled a free report containing 50 of my favourite affirmations for a happier, healthier and more positive mindset – and I'd love you to download it.

Check it out below:

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That's all for now – but don't forget to drop me a comment down below and tell me what you think of this blog post. What were your big takeaways and ‘Aha' moments?

Then go and grab that free report.

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Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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