Are Your Beliefs Serving You?

Written by Rob J. Temple

Today’s topic may be controversial for some, for others it will be a wake up call…

Don’t worry, I’m not going to call upon religious beliefs (though if you follow me you’ll know I’m definitely not into that stuff). However, I will be putting common beliefs under the microscope to see if they ultimately serve people, bringing them success and satisfaction in life.

Beliefs are incredibly powerful. This can be a very good thing, but also a very bad thing… Why? Because beliefs don’t have to be true in objective reality, and they also don’t have to be positive. However, all beliefs have an impact on our lives in some way or another.

Many common beliefs are formed through tradition, family and friends influence and our own active longing for acquiring new knowledge and understanding. Have you ever stopped and looked at your current beliefs about yourself, your abilities and sense of self-esteem? Have you ever realised that you can change all the beliefs associated with those areas?

If we never put our beliefs on the operating table to figure out what we think about ourselves and the world, we run the risk of living fairly closed minded lives, shutting out opportunities for growth, happiness, change and reward.

Can you think of anyone besides yourself who is suffering from this right now? Or even people in the news or public arena who could benefit from assessing what they believe? Are their beliefs hurting them or others? How rigid and stubborn do they seem about changing their minds? Could this possibly be happening to you without you knowing it?


Take a moment to write out all the beliefs you can think of that describe your belief system (BE HONEST!). These beliefs should be about yourself and possibly the world around you too. If you’ve never done this you’ll get a really good sense of how you feel about yourself and the world, and positives/faults will become far clearer.

The real positive power of beliefs comes into play when you learn that you can form and drop any of them if you refocus your perception. This has most likely already happened to you countless times in life so far, but perhaps the opportunity for learning this technique escaped your awareness.

After you’ve reviewed your beliefs as honestly as you can, put a mark next to those that you’re happy about in a colour which represents positivity to you. Next put a mark next to all the beliefs that you’re unhappy with in a negative colour.

On a new sheet of paper (or wherever you’re making this list) write out some replacement beliefs for your existing negative ones. These will be part of your mindset goals so that you react in a way that will serve you and your aspirations, instead of potentially and unconsciously sabotaging your own success.

Beliefs manifest in our lives through our reactions to external and internal events. For example, someone may say something that upsets you or doesn’t agree with a belief you hold, and you may find yourself tightening up and even starting a heated debate with the person.

If you find yourself reacting this way without really wanting to, you’re essentially a prisoner of your own beliefs. This can work both ways for positive and negative situations…

What’s the remedy for this way of thinking?

To become more aware and mindful of your reactions and beliefs. When you see how your mind has been conditioned to respond in certain ways, it becomes far easier to detach yourself from acting without thinking first.

Take a deep breath, stop for a moment, and then proceed from a peaceful and stable perspective.

Wrapping things up…

Overall, it’s vital that we take some time every now and then to analyse and review our beliefs. If our beliefs are no longer serving us in a positive manner, it’s up to us to drop them or replace them with something more beneficial.

If we don’t know that our beliefs are acting on autopilot for us, they can end up running our entire lives without us really having a say. Try to become more aware of your beliefs and reactions to situations, this way you can stop, think, and act from a place of ownership.

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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