Generate Positivity With These Hacks

Written by Rob J. Temple

Generating more positivity can sometimes feel unnatural or nearly impossible, especially if we’re down about something. However, the ways in which we try to make ourselves feel better aren’t always that effective.

Also, before we “try” to generate more positivity, it’s important to understand what happens psychologically when we decide we’re in a certain mood.

Once we state aloud or internally, “I’m in a bad mood” or something to that effect, we then act in accordance with that belief. We develop what’s known as a “congruent attitude” with how we believe we feel.

Therefore we do everything we can to remain in that mind state, whether that’s ignoring good advice or any opportunities that will enable us to feel different.

Stubborn creatures aren’t we..!!

BUT, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are a few tricks or “hacks” as I like to call them, that we can use to fool ourselves into changing our moods, so that we can feel more positive.

All of the tips I’ll be sharing today work on the basis that they alter our emotional chemistry within the body. It’s the easiest way to trick yourself into feeling better, since working directly with our minds isn’t always the most effective route to take!

Thoughts, stubbornness, and an entire world filled with ego resides in our minds, therefore, using our physiology instead gives us an edge that the mind doesn’t have full control over.

Here’s hack #1:

#1 Postures & Poses

Through changing the way you’re standing or sitting, you can alter your body’s chemistry and ultimately the way that you feel…

For example, holding a confident yet relaxed pose will put you in a state of mind that could be useful if you needed to give a presentation at work.

What would this look like?

There are many options, however, one would be to find some alone space wherever possible, and to hold the following pose for at least two minutes.

Stand up straight with your hands on your hips and your feet shoulder width apart. Lift your head up and look straight ahead with a big smile on your face and try to mean it.

After two minutes or more holding this pose, something happens within your internal emotional chemistry that “tricks” your brain and mind into thinking that you’re feeling confident.

If you don’t believe this works, try the opposite. Try sitting hunched over, with a glum look on your face, low energy and all sad looking. Hold the pose for two minutes and see what your self-esteem feels like and compare it with the above “confidence” pose.

You can use postures and poses to invoke any number of emotional responses and moods. This secret hack only takes two minutes to work effectively, and all you need is yourself and some alone space!

#2 Exercise Bursts

Exercise bursts work in a similar way to postures and poses, but they entail you performing quick bursts of exercise instead of holding postures.

You can perform any exercise you like, as long as it gets blood pumping around your body, and causes you to feel a little out of breath.

Some appropriate exercises would be:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push ups
  • Squats
  • Jumping up and down
  • Jogging on the spot

Any exercises that are similar to the above will work too. Perform the exercise of your choice for around 30 seconds minimum. That time length will be enough to enable a better oxygen flow around the body, helping you to feel better and more positive almost instantly.

This method literally feels as though you’re “shedding” or “smashing” negativity out of your body…

It reminds me of what ducks do after they get into a quarrel with other ducks (bear with me, I have a point). When ducks have a falling out with their fellow ducks, they swim a foot or so away after quacking like mad, and then flap their wings ferociously while swimming away. This “flapping” is their way of venting out all that anger and stress from the argument. That’s what this “hack” reminds me of. (I told you I had a point!)

#3 Dancing & Singing

Lastly, are you ready to get your groove on?

If you wake up one morning and feel negative or in a bad mood, there’s no “worse” way to begin your day. You MUST do what you can to replace that mood with positivity or you will sabotage your creativity, productivity, and more importantly your happiness for staying “congruent” with that attitude and mood.

Don’t let stubbornness ruin your day!

One of the best ways to wake up in the morning is to put on your favourite energetic song or songs and have a little dance and singalong with them. This combines pretty much all three of the above methods in the way that you’re exercising and tricking the brain into thinking you feel good through dance moves, which are associated with positivity.

If you can’t think of any songs, simply search through some of the best hits in genres you enjoy, and find something upbeat.

Wrapping things up…

Overall, these three hacks all share the same idea in common, you have to “trick” your brain into thinking you feel a certain way by using your physiology.

Set your mind to one side, and force yourself to take action on at least one of these “hacks” when you’re feeling down. After following the instructions properly, you will feel a boost in positivity.

It does feel a little unnatural at first forcing yourself to do something when you feel down, but the only reason it feels forced is because of your ego is trying to maintain that pesky “congruent attitude” with the way you’re currently feeling.

After a short while using these methods, you’ll find yourself feeling more positive naturally, and it’ll be easy to use them without stubbornness getting in the way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post. Share, like, and comment below as I love hearing your thoughts!

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