How “Silence” And “Noise Reduction” Can Vividly Improve Your Life…

Written by Rob J. Temple

In todays modern age, we’re constantly bombarded with noise. Whether we notice it or are aware of it, there’s usually a lot of excess sounds or “noise clutter” everywhere we go. Whether it’s the sound of traffic, schools, pubs/clubs, appliances and more.

We’ve gotten so used to there always being “noises” and “sounds” around us that they are taken to be the “norm” in every scenario. The idea of going for a “quiet romantic meal” or “quiet drink” isn’t 100% accurate, as usually wherever we venture off to, there’s heaps of noise pollution around us.

Stop for a second now and see what sound you can hear. Can you hear passing traffic? The hustle and bustle on the streets? Appliances throughout the home? Is there an annoying buzzing from any lights? There aren’t many occasions where we allow only real nature to be the sounds around us, OR silence.

You may be lucky, you might be in a nice, quiet and peaceful location reading this blog post, however most likely there is sound noise around you.

It has been studied and proven that when we’re surrounded by too much noise or “sound clutter”, we are less productive, prone to stress and our work ethic suffers.

We become distracted, disorientated and less focused when there is too much noise and movement around us. Multiple experiments have been carried out to prove this theory, and it just goes to show how we ARE so vulnerable to our external distractions without consciously knowing it.

Some distractions such as a loud appliance in the home or the office, might be less aggravating, but the underlying sense of it being there can still have an affect on our productivity and focus.

Whether we’re consciously aware of noise or not, it does cause us to change the way we work, relax and go about our daily lives…

Knowing the above means that if we lessen the “noise clutter” around us, we can reduce stress, increase focus and productivity. It also means we can become calmer, more relaxed and put ourselves in a more positive mindful state.

If we wish to take advantage of the above, then we need to take some necessary actions to achieve the attributes that “silence” or “noise reduction” has to offer.

This means looking at all areas of your life, and regular routine, to see what you can do to reduce noise, and live in a more peaceful, stress free manner.

For example, let’s say you travel to work using your car, and there’s usually a lot of traffic on the way. The noise in the traffic of other cars, vehicles and people is something which creates tension, stress and “tightens” the body up. If you go through this each day travelling too and from work, it’s fair to say that it’s going to build up a negative “cloud” around you over time.

What can you do to fix this? Look at your options. Is there an alternate route to work that involves less of the noise clutter? It may involve you leaving your home earlier, but think about how much stress you’d lose, is it worth it then?

Can you play a white noise CD in your car? Instead of the radio, to allow you to block out more of the sound pollution entering into your vehicle?

What about in your home? Does noise enter your household easily, and cause you to become distracted or “less relaxed” than you could be?

If this is the case, you may want to look at replacing your windows with higher quality materials, OR simply put more “sound proofing” around the home.

These small changes can make a whole world of difference over time, and you’ll notice just how much “quieter” it is almost instantly after changing things around. This “silence” or “noise reduction” will almost immediately make you feel more grounded, relaxed and able to be more productive with your time.

When meeting up with friends it’s common to go to a local pub, club, coffee house, cafe or restaurant. All of these places usually contain a serious amount of noise. How many times have you been out with your partner or friends, and had to fight for their attention when conversing? They’re usually distracted by the noise that’s all around them, without wanting to be.

So how about instead of meeting up at any of the above locations, you meet up in a park? Have a picnic? Go for a walk in the woods? Just try and find “quieter” locations, that offer more silence and noise reduction.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with meeting up at the noisier locations, it just means that a lot of focus and attention is going to be lost. When the time calls for “catch ups”, “meetings”, and occasions where you need to listen, or to be productive and contribute, quieter locations have been proven to work in a more effective way.

Overall, we can become considerably more focused, productive and stress free when we lessen the noise distractions and pollution around us. In order to achieve the above, we need to go through our average daily routines and rituals, and see where we can alter things to reduce noise and increase silence.

This may mean big chances, or small alterations, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you create the positive changes in your life addressing the appropriate areas of your routines that “can” be transformed with noise reduction.

So the next time you find yourself lumbered with tasks to complete, homework, housework, “chill time” or anything else, see if you can apply a more “noise free” approach to it. As you know now that operating in an environment that is quieter, will allow you to use more of your potential, resulting in better work produced, and a healthier, clearer and more satisfied emotional state.

Put this method to the test whenever is next applicable to you, and see just how much more you get done, or how you can feel more “relaxed” in your downtime.

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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