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Written by Rob J. Temple

Hey! Rob J. Temple here and welcome to this blog post on “Taking The Advantage”…

Let me just clear one thing up before I dive deep into todays blog post content… This post is NOT about taking advantage of other people or doing anything negative or “shady” in any manner at all! It’s just a catchy headline 😉

But now that I’ve got you here, you may as well stick around to see what I have to say right? Good! Let’s begin…

It seems very common these days for people to be “rushing about” here there and everywhere. Nobody seems to have any time on their hands, they always have somewhere to be, and to be honest it doesn’t look all that much fun.

I think part of the issue is that people accept that in “these times” everything has to be fast and instant. We’re living in a digital age, where distractions are plentiful and people aren’t engaging as much with each other in the real World as they are in the “digital” space. This isn’t to say I’m against the Internet or technology in any way, in fact far from it, I think it’s fantastic!

BUT, how we use it and “how much” we use it can sometimes be dangerous. Anything can become an addiction, and the actual “subject” itself can never be blamed. For example, it’s not the Internets fault that people find themselves checking their social media accounts every two minutes. People have the power to be in control of themselves, making their own choices and decisions about the way they wish to live their lives.

Anyway, let’s get back on topic! Due to the the times we’re living in, people do seem less engaged and in more of a “hurry” to do things. Do you feel as though you may leave things to the last minute? Do you find yourself frequently rushing out the door late for wherever it is you’re meant to be?

Whatever our objectives are, we needn’t rush IF we take some “smart” advantages that are always there to be used. One of the most overlooked pieces of advice I’ve heard in my lifetime is “give yourself time”…

When we rush, we forget things and make mistakes. The quality of whatever we’re doing suffers and it’s not an enjoyable experience for anyone. BUT, when we have more time than we need, we can pay attention to detail, take in our surroundings and the whole experience in a healthier way, and radiate a positive atmosphere.

The funny thing is, we’re always in control of our “timings” in life. We can set alarms at whatever time we please, so that we don’t have to rush anything. Starting the day with a positive attitude is a healthy way to be, instead of waking up, rushing your morning routine and being in a foul mood.

Why give yourself such a hard time? Some of the “busiest” and most successful people on the planet get up early enough so that they still have time to perform morning routines which set them up for the day.

Think 5-6am is too early to get up? Reframe your perspective of what “early” is and what it means to you. The way you view concepts and ideas can be changed in your mind like the flick of a switch. These are all advantages we carry as humans, but do we USE them? In self-improvement it’s all about changing a LOT of small things about yourself to create a huge life transformation, and this is but one of those areas…

There are many other ways to “take advantage” of things in life to help put you in a better position for success. For example, preparing and organising where you live to make things go “smoother” for you. Lets say you’re not a “morning” person. You find it hard to wake up until you’ve had a coffee and some cereal. The night before, get out the cereal box, a bowl and spoon. Arrange things so that you can easily make your coffee with the flick of a switch when you walk past the kettle…

Small “preparations” such as the above really help smoothen out areas of your life that you struggle with. Try to think of all areas in your life that you find difficult, and see if you can “prepare” for them before hand to make them flow better.

There are small lessons in many areas of our lives which teach us to “take the advantage”, but we forget the motive behind them and never relate the idea to other situations where it could be of use. Do you hold a driving license? If so, you’ll know from your lessons that we’re taught the “mirror, signal, manoeuvre” process. Any time before you do pretty much anything whilst driving you’re supposed to use this process of looking in your mirrors, signalling and then manoeuvring. This is an example of “preparation” at its finest. Why not use the “idea” behind it in other areas of your life?

It can be translated into, “analyse, plan, take action”, which is a great model for succeeding with any venture!

Let’s use this formula for a typical morning routine. Why do I keep going back to the morning routine? Because it’s what sets the tone for your day. If you wake up and have to rush around, you’ll most likely be in a negative mood of some sort. You should give yourself as much of a chance as you can to wake up happy, engaged and ready for the day!

Firstly, analyse your existing morning routine and see if it’s “working” for you. If it isn’t, take it apart and create a “plan” of action that will enable you to wake up in a more positive manner. Lastly, put the plan into reality and take action upon your research. The likelihood of you improving your morning routine and feeling happier in the mornings will be FAR greater than if you simply left things as they are.

Next, use the same method for all other areas of your life and see what you can do to “take the advantage” where it’s available (usually almost everywhere!)…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on “Taking The Advantage”!

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This is Rob J. Temple, bye for now!

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