The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Written by Rob J. Temple

We all know the saying, but how many people actually take its true meaning on board? And even still, how many people use this idea to its full potential?

Waking up early is a common trait that most of the successful people in the World share. Needless to say, when we copy the habits of people who’re regarded as “successful”, we will program our minds to think and act as successful people do.

When we give ourselves “time” to wake up, it’s never a rush and we can take the time to relax into the day, instead of being forced into it. On our days “off” from work, we can usually get up at whatever time we like. We feel relaxed, calm and take things at our own pace. This should be the case every single day, as the way we begin our day has a HUGE effect on how we perceive things and act through the rest of it.

Momentum is a powerful force, and if you get the chance to “start it off”, you shouldn’t pass up that opportunity. When we “get in the groove” of what we’re doing, our focus is highly tuned and we begin producing results rapidly. Momentum is the “fuel” behind this focus, and believe it or not, waking up early gives birth to HEAPS of it!

Why is this so? Waking up early in itself is a “positive” act. We know that the reason we’re waking up early is because we want to adopt a “successful habit” which will help us to grow in life. Therefore simply waking up at around 5-6am everyday motivates us. We’re being “proactive” and this mindset shift will continue throughout the day thanks to the momentum.

Using the “21 day habit rule” you can introduce this kind of positivity and productivity into your life for good. All you need to do to begin with is set your alarm from 5-6am everyday and make sure you wake up. After 21 days (and in some cases even less), your body clock will kick in, and you’ll start to wake up automatically at that time (but I’d still set the alarm each day just in case!!)…

During the first few days of this pattern, you’ll find yourself with LOTS of time to spare. You can relax into your regular morning routine, which is a nice experience. However, things are about to get even more productive!

Within your new morning routine, you now have time to set things in place which will assist you with drastic progression and growth in life. Things such as visualisation or meditation exercises, workouts, planning and so on. When we use these methods alongside “waking up early” we add more fuel to our proactivity, making us feel happy that we’re actively doing something to better ourselves and our lives overall.

Ask yourself a serious question, would you really get any of this done without waking up early? Could you achieve the same results if you tried adding this stuff to your existing routine? Unless you’re one of the few out there who already get up early enough and use self improvement techniques, then the likelihood is that you wouldn’t accomplish the same results without utilising this new idea.

You may be skeptical about this entire thing, does waking up early seriously produce all of these results and positivity in people’s lives? Well, we can only look at the lifestyles and habits that most successful people carry, and compare them to those who DON’T use them to see the differences. In most cases, successful people are up and out of bed by 5-6am, and have routines in place which help them maintain focus and clear vision. Is this true for people who don’t use the method? I’ll let you be the judge…

However, even with skepticism in mind, I’m fairly certain everyone knows the feeling of being up and ready for the day. Having time to spare so that you can ground yourself and feel aligned with your purpose. This is something we’ve all experienced at least once in our lifetime! Whether it was to be prepared for a vacation, a job interview or date, it doesn’t matter, the same rules and “proactivity” was applied.

Over time your morning routine will have a “snowball effect” on your life. You’ll begin to create MASS drive, focus and attention towards your goals and targets, which in turn will produce amazing results and progression. This simply isn’t doable without spending time DAILY visualising and focusing on your goals, plans and so on.

It’s FAR more effective to spend around 10-30 minutes each morning planning and visualising your goals than it is to spend a longer period of time on “one” single day doing so. Remember we’re trying to create a “snowball effect”. This can only be achieved through using momentum over time, it’s not something that can be done within one day!

Small actions over a long period of time are better than one large action performed only once…

People are always complaining that they don’t have the “time” to get things done, well this is the perfect opportunity to solve that issue. How do you give yourself more time? By doing just that! Get up earlier and voila, you now have more time on your hands…

If you already have commitments that mean you have to get up at around 5-6am each morning, try getting up earlier still. This method works through the idea of “proactivity”, and since we start our day in this manner, it’ll give us the momentum needed to carry it on throughout the rest of the day.

Remember this is an effort to improve your life, it’s a POSITIVE thing! Don’t let excuses and laziness ruin your ability to become a more successful and healthy person. Sure it may be tough to begin with, but remember after just 21 days you’ll be FAR more likely to make this a part of your normal daily routine.

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Take care!

Rob J. Temple

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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