What Can The “F**k It” Attitude Do For You

Written by Rob J. Temple

Too many people care about what others think of them. They worry about what others will make of their actions, plans, image, ideas and so on…

But ultimately, who is this “worrying” serving? Does it actually do you or anyone else any good? The answer (most of the time) is no!

Of course there are times in life where you will have to make decisions on worrying matters, we can put those aside for now as they don’t tie in with the nature of this post.

I want to talk about not caring what others think of you when it comes to your aspirations, dreams, goals, and lifestyle changes. How many times have you held back on something you’ve really wanted to do out of embarrassment, nerves and worries?

I think the real truth is we’ve all done it. BUT, just because it’s common doesn’t make it a positive. The black plague was common but I don’t think people enjoyed or welcomed it…

The same goes for giving a shit about what others think of you and your actions. As long as you’re heading in the direction of your happiness and success, fuck the rest!

Real friends, partners and family members should be supportive of your goals in life, and if they aren’t then why bother trying to convince them? And why bother letting their judgements take hold in your mind?

This is where the “fuck it” attitude comes into play. It’s a simple and effective mindset to adopt so that when you’re faced with decisions and choices that would usually worry others, you just say “fuck it” and dive in head first.

For some people this is the “magic pill” needed for them to start taking action on a goal. It can turn into “massive action” and real progress too. The beauty of this statement is that it gives you a boost in confidence, excitement and adventure in life, all of which are positives!

Just to clarify for those unfamiliar with the statement, it means “screw it, despite my concerns I’m going for this, I’m going to give this thing a shot”.

BUT, it can also mean, “I don’t care what they think, this is my life and I’m doing things the way I want to”.

Both of the above statements are progressive and positive, because they enable individuals to start taking action so they can better their lives and become happier.

Sometimes we all need to just say, “fuck it” and move in the direction of our success.

What’s the worst that can happen? You try and you fail? Well, as we all know, failure is just a part of success. In fact, it’s one of the most essential parts to success since it moves you along the path to “what works” with your goals.

Without knowing what works and what doesn’t work, how do you expect to ever reach success? If you don’t even attempt to take action, it’s impossible to make any progress, which is why the “fuck it” mindset is so powerful!

Can you imagine how life would feel if you:

  • Didn’t care what others thought about you and your goals.
  • Took action upon ideas that really meant something to you.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Most people are held back by procrastination, which is born out of worrying about what others think and a lack of self-motivation and self-esteem.

Saying “fuck it” to all of that removes the worry, in fact, it replaces it with excitement and wonder…

Wrapping things up…

Overall, by using the attitude and mindset of “fuck it” we can become more productive and adventurous in life. We can also learn to “let go” of things that are holding us back from happiness with this statement, so it’s a great stress reliever too!

The next time you feel yourself procrastinating in any way, use this statement and dive into your ideas head first. What’s the worst that could happen? You succeed or learn something, that’s not so bad right?

Start using this mindset from today onwards and see what transformations you can produce in your life.

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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