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Debunking The Law Of Attraction

Written by Rob J. Temple

If you're a fan of the law of attraction my aim here is NOT to offend you. However, it's rather to enlighten you on a few important points about the so called “law of attraction”

I don't care what ANYBODY says, sitting around all day just “thinking” that something is going to happen for you or “wishing” that something is going to manifest for you does NOT produce the desired outcome.

NOR is writing down on a piece of paper how much you're going to earn by a specific date, or what goals you'll achieve going to make those things occur. There is zero evidence in the universe for that… EVEN if your goal was to make words appear on a piece of paper, it still wouldn't hold true.

In fact, in that last facetious example lies the answer to the law of attraction. The ONLY reason you'd create results is if you took ACTION upon your desires. Simply wishing or thinking or writing them down on a piece of paper doesn't create the results in real life. Taking action does.

What “grinds my gears” is that certain self help gurus seem to leave out the action taking part, and even go as far as stating that health can be restored through wishful thinking alone. They give the impression to vulnerable readers and viewers that all you need to do is align your thoughts and purpose with an idea, and then it'll magically manifest.

I have news for you. The only thing that will make your ideas a reality is if you physically get up and take action upon them. This requires no “law” or “attraction” it's really very simple. You can test this idea on the micro and macro scale.

For example, if I want to make a cup of delicious coffee in my kitchen there are a number of steps I must take action upon to yield the results I desire.

However, if I remain seated and “wish” or “think about” the coffee manifesting for me, I'll be there for a very long time, looking pretty dumb and stupid.

Scale and match this idea to any goal and you'll see the HUGE gaping flaw in the so called “workings” of the law of attraction.

No, no… If you want something, you gotta go out there and get it!

Wrapping things up…

Overall, in my mind the “law of attraction” needs rebranding. I think I could get on with it if it was reframed as:

Thoughts => Actions = Results…

Thoughts lead to actions which produce results. It's as simple as that. But removing the “Actions” part makes the whole process fall down, and that's what a lot of these goofs are teaching out there.

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