Using Writing For Self Improvement

Written by Rob J. Temple

Hey! Rob J. Temple here and welcome to this blog post on “Using Writing For Self Improvement!”…

Most of us associate physically writing something down with our school or “education” days. In current times it’s more common to type things out or “tap them out” on our phones, tablets and computers.

Whilst using digital devices and computers is the same process of creating written dialogue, it’s not the same as physically writing something down on paper with a pen. We lose some of the attention, care and concentration when we use digital devices…

It’s also been proven that when we write something down we’re far more likely to remember it, than if we “typed” it out! Enter self improvement…

If you currently use “affirmations” to improve various aspects of your mental emotional state, then this technique can almost double your results. Remember, affirmations work via consistent “self-hypnosis” which rewires our brains to make us believe we are whatever it is we’re telling ourselves. Over time, we then begin to act differently due to our thoughts, which then produces new opportunities and results in our external realities.

SO, if we write out our affirmations as well as say them aloud daily, we’ll give them a huge fighting chance of sticking and reprogramming our mental infrastructure.

We can also use writing in a similar fashion to the above but for our goals and ambitions instead. In life we all have goals no matter how big or small, and new ones can be created whenever we feel like it. But, in order for us to take action upon them and to really DO anything that’s going to take us towards success, we have to constantly “align” our focus with our goals.

Writing your goals and ambitions down daily is a great way to stay motivated, focused and determined. For example, lets say “Joe” wanted to lose weight and tone his body. He tries to lose weight and tone his body, but he keeps on failing and getting sidetracked. He often forgets that he wants to achieve these things, and its only when he gives himself a moment to reflect, that he realises he’s done nothing to move towards his targets.

Then one day, Joe buys himself a diary. Every morning and night, Joe writes down his goals, aims and actions he should take to lose weight and tone his body. As he’s now reminding himself of what he wishes to achieve AND how he should achieve it every day, he’s FAR more likely to take action.

Self improvement is about giving yourself the opportunities and “time” to make enhancements to your physical and mental states. The techniques will work, and the more you use them the more motivated and determined you’ll feel to actually get up and take action upon them.

The act of simply writing out your desires daily produces positivity and optimism itself. It feels great to sit, wonder, dream and write out the things you really want in life. This is “you” time, and there’s nothing selfish or negative about that in the slightest, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

You’ll begin to feel more relaxed, content and happy in life knowing you’re taking action upon your goals, and this positivity will spread into all other areas of your life. So don’t worry about this method seeming “self-involved” or anything like that, it’s actually a great thing to do for yourself AND those all around you…

Another benefit that “physical writing” can produce is “stress relief”. Recent studies have shown that colouring in is almost as powerful as meditation for reducing stress and anxiety. There are thousands of colouring books for adults on bookshelves and in online stores these days.

Just as drawing a picture and colouring in soothes children, it does for adults too. There’s nothing childish or immature about taking this hobby up, it’s art!

If you feel wound up or stressed out in life, try using colouring in and drawing as your solution and see how peaceful you feel after…

Writing is also a great technique for those who wish to become more “creative”. Creativity is often overlooked, and only assigned to people who seem artistic in some form. Well I completely disagree with that, since I believe there is creativity in all that we do. Cooking, cleaning, building, organising, driving, and everything else you can think of. There’s a certain degree of creativity in everything, and being creative helps us to enjoy things better, be more efficient and to really live “in” our experiences.

Simply writing down a few areas of your life, then noting down the “processes” that you follow to achieve things will spark creativity. You’ll notice what you currently do, and either see the creativity that you already utilise, OR how you could use a more effective approach.

This is the process of analysing and improving, but writing everything down helps us to become more creative since we’re “repeating” the process again from our minds onto paper. Sometimes we say words aloud AS we write them down, giving this method three times the strength! It goes through our minds, out our mouths and onto paper…

I always advise that everyone uses pen and paper for note taking, creating planning, affirmations, stress relief and anything else where it can be used. Why? Because it gets our creative juices flowing, which brings us more “to life”. It’s also a great tool for “grounding” us in the present moment, since we have to align our minds and concentration with the act of “writing”.

Overall, if you wish to introduce more creativity, action, opportunity and vibrance into your life, start writing everything down. Use it for “memory” improvement, affirmations, repetitive tasks, stress relief and anywhere else you see fit. You’ll soon begin to see the changes in and around you if you stick with this idea…

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Rob J. Temple

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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  • Great idea, Rob, and one I used to use in my Maths teaching days, I joked with the students that there was nerve/connector which ran all the way from the fingers right to the memory centre of the brain. Writing something down is a very successful way of remembering ‘stuff’. In Mathematics, most people think that the understanding should come before the skill. However, many times I have found that practicing the skill (method, etc) resulted in an ‘ah-ha- moment when suddenly the realisation occurred, and the concept and understanding became clear.

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