How to Define Wellness In Your Own Life

Written by Rob J. Temple

What wellness means to one person may not be exactly what it means to another, however, there are common areas which when looked into can uncover how we can become truly nourished and content in life.

For example, what does wellness mean to you? Have you ever thought about it?

If not, the chances are at some points in your life journey you've felt out of balance. One area is getting more attention than another, but in order to feel in a complete state of contentment, you need to give focus to each area that defines wellness for you.

These “areas” have been boiled down into the following:

• State of Mind

• Physical Health

• Relationships

• Career

Let's explore each of the above points in more detail, in the hope that you unearth what will lead you into a balanced and happy lifestyle.

State of Mind

When looking at our lives and ourselves, we can trace back how we got to where we are by researching the process of action. Everything begins with a feeling or urge, which turns into a thought, which then transforms into actions and thus brings about our results in life.

In this sense, we truly are the creators of our own lives and destinies. This is why your state of mind is so vital to your wellbeing.

Just think about it, if you hold negative perspectives and views on anything, what will that result in? It will result in more of that negativity arising in your life. We get more of what we focus on due to our actions aligning with our frequent thoughts. (Pssst, this ISN’T the law of attraction, it’s action = results!)

Therefore in order to bring about wellness in your life, you must have a healthy and positive state of mind. It's the foundation of everything you create. The best way to start working at creating a healthy state of mind is to develop a mindful awareness of your thoughts.

Use meditation to grow more consciousness around your thoughts, so that you find yourself watching them instead of engaging with them. When you do so, it becomes a lot easier to decipher whether a thought is going to benefit your life or not.

Learn to tune out and dissolve negative thoughts with your awareness, and let positive thoughts pass through into your actions.

Physical Health

If you feel unfit, out of shape and lethargic then you need to address your physical health. Most of the time your body's structure is a result of your state of mind towards physical health.

If you have a tendency to ignore health issues or give up on exercise and dieting, then you have to address your mindset towards those areas otherwise you'll never see any positive change.

Remember your mind conditioning will impact all other areas of your life since it's the foundation at which you act from.

After a workout, we may feel physically tired, but there's a part of us that experiences contentment and satisfaction as we've done something to better our physical condition.

We've also exercised out energy that needed to be used up, instead of wasting it watching TV or binge eating.

The point of physical health isn't that we all manufacture ourselves into pristine stereotypical bodybuilder physique, it's to get rid of energy, stress and a feeling that we're not doing anything to maintain and improve our physical condition.


Having healthy and positive relationships is key for living a happy life. When people think of relationships they often think of how they get along with others, however, there are many other forms to consider.

What's your relationship like with yourself? Nature? Your career?

All of these are just as important as what we stereotypically think of as a connection with others.

However, your relationships with other people will affect how you live your life if you're open to environmental conditioning. If you haven't mastered your state of mind, then you will be open to manipulation through any media or person you engage with.

Try your best to only associate with people and information that attributes to your happiness and wellbeing.


Humans typically spend a lot of their time working. If you don't enjoy your work, you must consider why you're doing it. Money? Security? Familiarity?

Careers should provide us with wellness plus a sense of purpose and positivity. If you're stuck in a job that you hate, it will impact the rest of your life in a negative way.

Also, if those around you love you, they won't hold it against you for finding a realistic and healthy manner in which you can make a career transition.

Wrapping things up…

Now that you've been given the pillars that hold up the balance of wellness in most people's lives, it's time to search into your life and the vast amount of information that's out there.

It's easiest to begin by turning to the web, browsing blogs (such as this one!!), YouTube videos and podcasts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, remember to “like”, “share”, and “comment” below!

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