How To Get Creative With Your Diet

Written by Rob J. Temple

When we make the decision to go on a diet, we fill ourselves with enthusiasm, optimism, and a desire to become healthy. However, sometimes, we also form a recurring nagging thought at the back of our minds that screams, “dieting = BORING”…

Dieting has an image problem. A lot of people hold the outdated view that dieting means only salads and foods that people commonly don’t enjoy (this isn’t relevant for you if you already love salads and vegetables).

However, I’m always surprised when people tell me how much they actually enjoy salad and vegetables once they give them a try. It’s like they didn’t realise there was an alternative to snacking and operating meat products.

There are many ways to “jazz” up your diet, and I’ll be exploring some of them today. Eating well is essential for self-improvement, making us feel better inside and out. When we eat well, we think clearer, make better decisions, and most importantly, take care of our bodies.

If you’re struggling to make your diet exciting and tempting, then you need to give it a facelift…

How can you make foods that seem uninteresting to you more, well, interesting?

Here’s a few creative ideas that have helped me and a LOT of other people eat better.

1) Make your food colourful!

This option may sound a little strange, but believe me, it works. Remember when you were young and you’d always choose the “brightest” option out of a selection of anything? The same can apply for food.

You can make your food more tempting by making it look nice. Arrange the food on your plate in a stylish way.

Make use of colours!

Striking reds from tomatoes and luscious greens from leaves always look vibrant and full of goodness.

If your food stands out it’ll be harder to ignore.

2) Set diet goals

When we have targets we want to reach with weight and calorie intake, we make more of an effort. Also, dieting is almost impossible when we don’t set ourselves goals, since we have nothing to aim towards, therefore, how do we know when we’re making progress?

There are numerous apps out there that can track calorie intake and weight. Set up some targets and you’ll find yourself making a conscious effort to meet those parameters on a daily basis. Even if you go slightly over or under those targets, you’ll still be on track to make some measurable changes compared to if you hadn’t set anything to aim for.

3) Informational reminders

This idea is also a little different yet it can work wonders. It’s more effective for home and office use, and its purpose is to stop you snacking or eating unhealthy foods.

The way it works is by putting up notes, post-its, posters and anything else of that degree around areas you commonly eat and prepare food. For example, the kitchen, dining room, and so on. The posters should remind you that you want to eat healthier. They can be as extreme or humorous as you like, as long as they work!

Even if the posters simply have words on them such as “diet” or “eat healthy”, it can be enough to trigger an emotional response from you that stops you reaching for a snack or preparing unhealthy foods.

The good thing about this method is that posters stay up and work long term. This means that you will see them on a daily basis, and they’ll end up becoming affirmations that you read over and over again.

Over time, you may adopt them into your mindset as part of your culture, and drastically reduce your bad eating habits, replacing them with healthier options.

4) Switch things up!

Getting back to food itself, to keep your diet interesting it can help to switch up what you eat now and then. Some diet plans require people to eat the same foods following a weekly routine. This can get very monotonous.

Try to spice things up a bit by altering meals, using new spices and herbs, giving dishes different flavours. Your diet must excite you, otherwise you won’t enjoy it, and will most likely give up on it in time.

Wrapping things up…

Overall, being creative with dieting can be achieved in many ways. By preparing bright and colourful food, and mixing up flavours we can maintain excitement and engagement with a diet.

By setting goals and tracking our progress we give ourselves something to aim for, making us far more likely to achieve measurable results. Also, by putting up informational reminders we can create a mindset and awareness that serves us, making dieting a part of our culture.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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Rob J. Temple

Rob J. Temple is a hypnotist, mindset coach and the founder of Evolution Hacks. He specializes in helping ordinary people around the world to create extraordinary lives!

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