Is It Time To Rebrand Wellness?

Written by Rob J. Temple


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Just kidding, but seriously, my answer is a big fat whopping YES to this question.

The wellness industry is infested with pseudoscientific nonsense from detoxification miracles to universal loving consciousness, and everything in between, I hate to burst the “new-age” bubble but it’s all complete trash!

In fact, it actually irritates me because it stands in the way of true change that can occur if we apply ourselves to tried and tested methods of wellness and mental health.

I don’t want to be told about “chakras”, “reiki healing” or any other BS in order to achieve my goals in life. I don’t want a belief system, I just want techniques that work.

Why does everything have to come with a philosophy? Can’t we just state that getting from A – B will involve “these steps” without invoking some imaginary spirit or force?

The wellness industry has let this stuff go on for too long, but perhaps it will always be there (as annoying as that is to me). If you really want to find universal truths, test your biases by questioning them and see if you can change your mind. That’s how real progress is made subjectively and objectively.

Did “The Secret” not work for you? But did it sound plausible? Are you still banking on it? Will the universe deliver?

Question your biases and research into whether there’s any proof of this stuff. I think you’ll find the body of evidence suggests these ideas aren’t rooted in reality.

So why do people believe them?

Because they’re packaged so well, they have a history in philosophy and various religions, and pre-science “authority figures” who couldn’t know any better made some cool sounding quotes and assumptions that have stood the test of time…

Well, this is 2018. Things are different. We have the tools to test this stuff now and it’s time to shed a layer of baggage that is no longer helpful.

Granted, the ONLY thing one can feel if they choose to believe in alternative therapies and pseudoscientific self improvement ideas is the “placebo” effect. This is a remarkable effect that science welcomes and is actively studying and using for the benefit of the global population.

Apart from the above, those ideas are a complete waste of time, and I’d even argue that in spite of feeling a placebo effect for a marginal amount of time, those ideas are STILL a complete waste of time.

In fact, they can even lead to depression. Some people who ask the universe for their dreams to come true and nothing happens (which is always the case) then people feel as though they’re not worthy in the “universe’s” eyes. How does that make them feel inside? The entire universe has deemed them not worthy enough of success…

I’m sorry but that’s just not a helpful or healthy idea to sell to the public and I believe it to be criminal…

There are thousands of ideas such as the above publicly available to those who are seeking help. Unfortunately, they may not question their own beliefs or the claims of the author, therefore they’ll be led down the garden path towards BS land” where they’ll most likely achieve little of their goals.

Wrapping things up…

Overall, my conclusion is that the wellness market needs a serious rebranding away from all the pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo that’s being pumped out there.

People can save their money, energy, and time by questioning their own beliefs and the claims of others to uncover true methods and techniques that could work for their wellness and success journey.

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