Why A Healthy Lifestyle Will Also Make You Happier

Written by Rob J. Temple


It's probably the most important goal in life… and something that we should all be striving towards.

Irrespective of ANYTHING else, without happiness you're never going to feel fulfilled by your life.

Growing up in modern society has meant that we've all been exposed to the idea that physical possessions and money equate to success and happiness, but that's not the case.

By shifting your focus onto adopting a healthy lifestyle, you can provide yourself with overwhelmingly powerful feelings of joy and happiness.

In today's post, I want to talk about why taking care of yourself can make you happier.

It sounds obvious when you read that last sentence, of course taking care of yourself will make you feel good, but then why do so many people suffer from negativity and dissatisfaction in life?

Emotion and Health Connection

When we feel low or depressed, our immune system is weakened. This means that we're more prone to illnesses and a general feeling of negativity. However, when we feel high energy and optimistic, our immune system strengthens, making us feel stronger, healthier and happier.

Through exercising, we can increase our level of optimism and enthusiasm for life. If you know someone who frequently visits the gym, eats healthily, and generally takes care of themselves, how often do you see them unhappy or unwell? Not often right? This is no coincidence, through taking care of themselves physically; they feel better mentally, which leads them to feel happier.

By altering your emotions, you can create a “knock on” effect that can almost instantly make you feel happier. However, one thing is clear; it takes proactivity and productivity to create this knock on effect, so you must take action in order to reap these results.

Tools for Health and Happiness

If eating healthy foods and exercising creates happiness, it makes sense to arm yourself with some tools that will help you maintain this lifestyle, and break free from past bad habits. For example, it will be difficult at times to stop snacking often or to stop purchasing unhealthy foods. For this reason, I like to use meal-planning apps that also have built-in shopping list features, to keep me on track for happiness through healthy living!

The meal-planning app I use is called “Pepperplate.” This one-stop app is incredible as it allows you to scan the net for recipes you like the look of, and instantly import the ingredients required into a shopping list. I like to scan meal ideas while in the grocery store so that I can pick up what I need as I go.

Another tool I use isn't physical, and it's actually more of a technique, but it's great for improving mental health which creates a sense of happiness over time. I practice mindfulness meditation every morning for 10-20 minutes per session. Since I began using mindfulness meditation, my levels of patience, calm, presence, peacefulness and ability to deal with stressful situations have gone through the roof. Due to all of these attributes, my overall feeling of contentment and happiness in life has improved dramatically.

Mindfulness is really fun when you get going, and using an app such as “Headspace” or “Calm” can help you get started through guided meditations if you're new to the idea.

Self Love and Appreciation

The last area I want to talk about is learning to love yourself (not in the romantic sense!) through self-appreciation. I feel that this is at the base level of becoming happy. Without a solid foundation of self-appreciation and self-love, it's difficult to feel the need to take care of yourself.

Once you start to take time out to maintain and improve your overall level of wellbeing and health, happiness becomes inevitable. Some people arrive at a place of self-love and appreciation through first starting to take care of their health, then noticing that they feel happier, whereas, for me, it occurred through proactively wanting to create happiness for myself.

Wrapping things up…

Overall, through eating healthier, exercising, and generally taking care of your health, you can drastically improve your chances of creating and maintaining happiness. Try out the methods and examples given in today's post, for example; you may find that combining mindfulness meditation with light exercise and healthy eating is your perfect remedy for contentment and becoming happy.

Whichever route you take isn't 100 percent important, what matters is that you take action on at least one of these areas in order to achieve more happiness in your life.

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